This Blog Will Change Your Life- Week 8

[There comes a time in every girl’s life, (usually after a third or fourth martini), when she realizes “Damn, I need to do something… travel to Europe, take up Chinese, get married…someeeething! I need to change my life.” Finding myself in one such rut and without the cash-flow for a capricious jet-set to France, I decided to live by the book, take the plunge, and tackle the Benrik challenge.]

Week 8 – Task 1

Day 220: A huge meteorite is about to hit the Earth, blasting it into smithereens. The world’s main governments left weeks ago for a secret base on Pluto, leaving their look-alikes to keep the populace placid. Only owners of the Book are allowed to be in the know, so please keep this information to yourself. 

Alllllllright… I’m just going to go with this one.

Options: There are four main ways of reacting to the news.

I. Go on the rampage

Wait. By “rampage “do they mean that I should pillage like a pirate and  steal all the loot?  Why would I want to spend my last night in jail? That just doesn’t seem like the greatest idea.

II. Have sex with everyone

Great, so just before I get to the Pearly Gates, I am going to build up a reputation of being a slut? I can hear all of the “fallen angel” jokes now.

III. Prepare for the afterlife

Does this mean I have to go talk to a priest or something? Do they listen to lunatics that think just because something is written down in a book it must be true? Oh wait, maybe they do…

IV. Sit in front of the TV in numbed disbelief



Week 8 – Task 2

Day 329: Choose your motto and live by it

“The only rule is, don’t be boring.”


Week 8 – Task 3

Day 14: A Day of Compliments

They say that flattery can get you everywhere and I am here to tell you that they, whoever they are, are absolutely correct. People LOVE being complimented. Just from a little bullshitting (“Gosh you look lovely today” and “Have your eyes always been so sparklingly blue?”) I got a free meal, two tickets to a local concert, a new job opportunity and like twenty new “best friends.”

And let me just take a moment to mention how much I appreciate my readers. You, as a collective group of people, are brilliant and beautiful!


Week 8 – Task 4

042 yaD: Today do everything backward

 Today’s Schedule:

7:00am: Put my PJ’s on, brushed my teeth, and took my contacts out

7:05am: Watched from prime time television (recorded from the night before)

9:00am: Enjoyed a decaf coffee and some mints

9:30am: Had some dinner (pasta and chicken), along with a glass (or two) of Pino

10:00am: Convinced some friends to join me for cocktails at the bar

12:00pm: Lunch hour! Enjoyed feeling normal for a second…

1:00-3:00pm: Had Skype conferences about today’s agenda and goals

4:30pm: Said good morning to everyone I come across

5:00pm: Checked today’s news and enjoy some eggs and toast

7:00pm Went through morning emails

8:00pm: Put on some make-up and style my hair

9:30pm: Took a shower

11:00pm: Get out of bed and stretch


Week 8 – Task 5

Day 12: What is your type? Write it down today as a reminder at drunken parties.

My ideal type of man has a Mediterranean look, but an American personality. He is incredibly intelligent, hard working, and even though he has money, he rarely spends it. This man can get muddy playing soccer with his boys, but also looks sharp and sophisticated when he takes me downtown to the ballet. He treats me like a princess during the day and a deviant at night. He is cocky as hell (and has every right to be), but he still feels damn lucky to be with me. (And believe me, I feel damn lucky to be with him too.)

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