Want to Interview a Famous Person?

Want to interview a famous person via CollegeCandy? You do? Great, here’s your chance. As you might have noticed, we’ve teamed up with Adobe for their $10,000 Imagination Challenge. If your eyes just got caught on the $10,000, don’t be embarrassed. Be proactive! Go to their site today to find out how YOU can win that awesome prize. But for right now, let’s get back to business. Famous people and you.
Adobe is bringing on four amazing celeb judges for the Imagination Challenge:┬áDeadmau5, Jake & Amir of CollegeHumor.com and Rivers Cuomo. And they’ve given us the exclusive opportunity to solicit questions from our readers!
Add your question in the comments below by Sept. 9th and it could be answered by any of judges. Just imagine it now…Jake & Amir answering your question! (Yep, CollegeCandy has a big crush on them!)

Tampons? Pads? Cups?
Tampons? Pads? Cups?
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