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Sometimes the hardest parts about being single are not the phone calls from your older sister asking you if you have a date yet for her upcoming wedding or trying to walk past the couples interlocking fingers as they walk hand in hand to class. Instead, the hardest part about being single can be the things we never really consider, like just how depressing it is to reach for a box of Just For One frozen vegetables every week. This week’s column is different than the usual dating tips but just as integral to a single girl’s life.

Lesson #38 – Cooking For One

As far as being a domestic goddess is concerned, I’ll take a TV dinner with a glass of wine if it’ll save me time at the end of a long school day and 112 degree weather. Cooking is more than time consuming, and cooking for one can be a challenge. No matter what, it seems like I never master cooking the right amount, always ending up with too much or not enough. And while I doubt I’ll ever be one of those people who finds cooking at the end of the day soothing and relaxing, I’ve picked up a few tricks that have made it tolerable and quick enough for my constantly thinning patience.

Invest in smaller or individual-sized pots and pans. Around back-to-school, individual cookware is super cheap at places like Target and Bed, Bath and Beyond so there’s still time to grab some. I’m not sure if small pink skillets make cooking easier, but it sure makes cooking more fun. Another great appliance to have around is a mini slow cooker because, like mom, it does all the cooking for you and somehow manages to taste like home.

Finding online recipes can be a little overwhelming, so I always try to narrow my search down, either by website (The Food Network is amazing) or by number of ingredients or low-calorie options. For those of you on Pinterest, you probably already know it’s amazing source for recipes. Go for ones with simple ingredients like, rosemary, lemon, chicken and extra-virgin olive oil. My latest favorite, Rosemary Lemon Chicken, includes those ingredients and once you chop everything up and throw it in a skillet, it practically cooks itself.

In order to make cooking as enjoyable as possible, I suggesting playing your favorite Pandora stations. For me, there’s something so right about Ray Lamontagne and Amos Lee at the end of the day. You know what else goes great with cooking? A glass of wine…or two.

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