What Should Be the Top 5 Most Viewed YouTube Videos

YouTube has become the ultimate time-waster, and the number of views on these videos is stark proof of how much time we spend watching other people dance/sing/embarrass themselves on our computers. However, I have to disagree a little bit with what the world seems to be watching the most. And by seems, I mean what they ARE watching the most. Numbers don’t lie. Here are the top 5 most watched of all time:
1. Justin Bieber–Baby. I know, I know, he got famous from YouTube, blah blah blah. But the video just isn’t great. Why are we still watching?
2. Lady Gaga–Bad Romance. I have to admit, my friends and I probably contributed to about half of these views. It’s pretty much how we spent our entire sophomore year of college–watching Gaga do crazy things. But that’s so two years ago.
3. Shakira–Waka Waka. WHAT? How did this get on the list? I don’t know.
4. Rihanna and Eminem–Love the Way You Lie. Ehhh…not that exciting.
5. Charlie Bit Me. Okay so maybe this one deserves the spot. They’re just so cuuuuuute!
Anyway, here’s what really should be up there in everyone’s YouTube queue:
Miranda Sings. Oh, yes, Miranda does sing. Horribly. And it is awesome.
Ultimate Dog Tease. Because everyone loves a cute pup, and this pup is definitely the cutest.
Dear Reader: Wizard People. This guy did a voice-over of the entire first Harry Potter movie. No, really. And it is amazing. Watch it now.
Jenna Marbles. Really great advice on…pretty much everything. Yep.
All Beyonce Videos. I would have to go with Run the World, because there is a lion, hyenas and lots of sassy dancing involved. But in honor of her birthday some of her fans think differently. Check out the comment on the bottom of Single Ladies–and watch on September 4th if you love Bey.
Yes? No? Maybe? What do you watch?

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