Movies That Were Good As A Kid, But Kind of Suck Now

Movies are all magical when you’re a kid. Things are on screen, and they’re moving, and a lot of times they have jokes that you think are absolutely hilarious and repeat thousands of times a day for weeks after seeing the movie. At least that’s what the kids I babysit do. But that’s beside the point.
When I was a kid, my parents took me to see Apollo 13 at the movie theater. Of course, being a kid and not caring at all about things like family dynamics and relationships, I fell asleep. Now, as a super mature college student, I kind of enjoy that movie. Mostly because I love Tom Hanks, but whatever. Point of that story is–there are definitely a few movies that you loved as a kid that would be pretty disappointing to watch now. Times change (and technology advances a whole lot) and when you look back on movies you loved as a kid, sometimes you wonder how you even sat through it.
Here’s a select few of the movies that it’s not too hard to grow out of.

Any childhood favorites you realize now are complete trash?

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Cosmo Says the Darndest Things: September Edition
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