Our Top 10 Dreamy Old-School Crushes

It’s a commonly accepted notion that middle school is an awkward time for everyone. Sparkle body gel, sassy slogan tees, unexpected growth spurts…oh, those wild pre-teen years! Probably the best part (or rather, the only good part) of the pre-hair straightener era was our infatuation with the hunky young celebs of the day. How how my heart would swoon when I thought of running my fingers through their sexy bowl-cuts!
All I can say is, no game of MASH was complete without my top 10 dreamy old-school crushes…
10. Devon Sawa in Wild America
9. Ben Savage as Cory Matthews in Boy Meets World. Don’t make like you didn’t love him, too!
8. Adrien Grenier circa Drive Me Crazy
7. Will Smith as the Fresh Prince of Bel Air
6. Joshua Jackson in Mighty Ducks, then again on Dawson’s Creek
5. Ryan Phillipe as a reformed bad boy in Cruel Intentions
4. Heath Ledger back when he had that dirty long hair in 10 Things I Hate About You
3. Brad Pitt in the epic, super-sexy Legends of the Fall
2. Leonardo DiCaprio circa his stint on Growing Pains
1. Can you guess who our number one old-school crush is? Hint: Today’s his birthday!

Candy Dish: Love in Bane
Candy Dish: Love in Bane
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