Friday Faves: I Love Fall

I freakin’ love fall. I actually don’t think I can communicate in coherent sentences how I feel about the season. It gives me a warm, fuzzy feeling in the pit of my stomach just thinking of the crisp air, the cozy sweaters, whip cream melting into mug of hot chocolate….I think I might have just wet myself.
It is impossible for me to pick just one fall thing as my favorite. And, believe me, I have tried on more than one occasion to pinpoint what it is that has forged this intense love affair.
So perhaps I can’t make a neat little list, but I can rant about it for a while. If you love fall too, you might want to prepare yourself. This little listicle may send you running towards your nearest Starbucks in leather boots and all the scarves you own in search of a latte and a scrumptious baked good.
Fall is My New Years
I know January 1st is when most people set a resolution, sign up for gym memberships and dump their dud of a boyfriend in hopes of upgrading to a new hottie. But my personal New Years is September 22nd (….the first day of fall if you haven’t caught on yet). This is when I find my surge of motivation. I crack open my new books (with the help of a yummy caffeinated beverage, obviously), get my ass back on an elliptical (with the new fall line-up to distract me from the burning tingles running through my calves) and reconnect with people who I may not have seen over the summer months (if this reconnection happens to occur over, let’s just say, a Pumpkin Spice Latte, then so be it. I’m just sayin’). Just like New Year’s Eve, fall instills in me that ambitious hope that come Christmas I will be a smarter-happier-8-pound-lighter version of my current self.
Fall is My Fashion Show
I have my share of designer sandals and flirty Forever 21 dresses, and by mid-March I take any peek of sun as my go-ahead to slip into a tank top and pretend I’m not freezing my ass off. But come September I am so sick of the skin baring clothes I could throw them all out the window (and then run outside and pick them all up again). This fall couldn’t come any sooner. I’m ready to break out my flannel shirt-dress, my patterned tights, the suede chunky heeled boots that are going to look amazing pulled over a pair of skinnies… I’ve already accepted I will not be able to control myself; I am well aware I will be over dressed for every and any occasion on my agenda.
Fall is My Buffet Table
I pretty much celebrate Thanksgiving for the entire season (which may explain why I have to ask for a new pair of skinny jeans, one size bigger, for Christmas). But how can you stop yourself from enjoying the Apple pie? The mashed potatoes, the creamy soups, the whipped-cream-mocha-caramel-latte-twists? Seriously, it’s only around for a few short months and I am going to enjoy every last bite/slurp/lick and munch of it.
Fall is My Amusment Park
How many awesome activities emerge during the season? (Which I take as a testament to the fact that deep down fall is everyone’s favorite season.) There are all sorts of festivals, movie outings and big group dinners. And did I mention football? Now, I’m not one of those girls that grabs a beer and talks witty banter with the men of the house (the extent of my participation is: “Why’d he throw that flag? What a jerk!”), but that doesn’t mean that I don’t appreciate the sound of a football game lingering through the house, or all the jocks crowded around the TV in the student lounge.
[This story was originally posted by Brianna – Fordham University.]

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