Lies People Tell Themselves

Lying to other people…psh, that’s easy (hehe). But lying to ourselves–that’s when life gets a little bit difficult. Face it, life is full of moments when we have to do things we don’t really want to do. But these things are all a means to an end, and so we spruce up the truth to ease the pain.
1. Losing my v-card was awesome. Oh really? So was the first time I broke my arm.
2. If I eat these cookies now, I’ll just skip lunch. But I’m hungry for lunch…so I’ll just skip dinner. Okay, I’ll only have one slice of pizza instead of two for dinner. Or…skip dessert?
3. Running is fun. Running is fun. Running is so, so terrible. Running is fun.
4. I totally study better after a few drinks. I mean, I’m way more enthusiastic about the subject after I hit up a few bars. Wait, when is the test again? What subject?
5. Firefly tastes like sweet tea. Just with a liiiittle kick. Only a little, though. I can definitely drink this straight…
6. Tattoos don’t hurt. Can’t speak from personal experience on this one, but I’ll go ahead and guess that any time a needle is repeatedly stuck into my skin for an extended period, it would not be very enjoyable. Or pain-free.
7. I’ll do it tomorrow. Directed toward anything. I know you’ve said it, don’t lie to yourself!
8. I need new clothes. Like, n-e-e-d NEED them. My closet is overflowing, but all of that stuff is ugly.
9. That’s the LAST time I black out on a Tuesday. Just not true, college kids.
10. Five second rule. No matter what, that food was still on the floor.
What are some lies you tell yourself to make it through the day?

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