Top 5 College Fashion Staples [Giveaway]

This week is College Fashion Week (#collegefashionweek if you’re Twitter-obsessed) and we’re celebrating with Boy Meets Girl® and Campus Candy at the Campus Candy store at Penn State (#psu) on September 18th.  Why? They’re throwing an unforgettable fashion show with student models, Boy Meets Girl® gear, candy, and a meet-n-greet with brand Founder/Creative Director Stacy Igel. Can you imagine anything more college than spending Sunday night doing homework checking out fashion and eating candy? Oh, and asking a fashion designer for advice IN-PERSON?.We can’t. But we know that not all our readers go to Penn State. Fine, we know that the majority of our readers don’t go there. We didn’t want to leave you out of the fun though! So read on to find out how you can also get in on the fashion, food and fun.

When it comes to dorm life, it’s no news to you that closet space is something of a limited commodity. Even after you’ve gone like a mad woman through The Container Store and Target, those stackable units can only hold so much. It is for this reason that creating a well-rounded college wardrobe is such a precise science. There is literally no room for error.
So what are the items you’re going to find yourself longing for? The must-haves for successfully getting from Point A to Point B (with a pit-stop at the bar in between)? Read on and make sure you’ve got these college fashion staples…
1. A Comfortable Pair of Heels
Whether you toss them on for a class presentation or for a night of frat hopping, you’ll quickly find out that comfort is key. It’s so much easier to enter these situations confidently when you’re not worried about the pains shooting up your legs and the blisters on your toes. Plus, no one wants to be (or dance with) the cranky girl hunched in the corner complaining about her shoes.
2. Cute Pajamas
If you live in your college’s dorms, it’s amazing how many people see you in various states of undress. Hair half-up in a clip, pajama bottoms and a going out top? Standard Saturday 7pm attire. Boxer shorts, socks and an inside out oversize tee? Welcome to Sunday morning. By opting for some fun PJs (like this Voyager Hoodie From Boy Meets Girl®), you’ll at least feel slightly put together, even at your less glamorous, more scrambled moments.
3. The Perfect Jeans
You know the ones. They make your butt look amazing and your legs look…well…as long as possible. They’re your go-to for going out and the natural choice when you’re heading to class. They’re so perfect that if they were a man, they’d be Ryan Gosling. Instead of cramming ten pairs of so-so jeans into your 2×2 closet, take the time to find that one magical pair that goes everywhere.
4. Shower Shoes
Not the most glamorous foot apparel, but a necessity all the same. Do you know what’s lurking on your shower floors? Yeah, me neither, but I don’t doubt direct contact will land me in the hospital with Bubonic Plague. So grab a pair of shower shoes, make ’em cute and wear them every day.
5. You tell us to become eligible to win the grand prize! One lucky winner will win a survival kit from Boy Meets Girl® . Five runner-ups will win a $10 gift card from Campus Candy.
So you wanna win the survival kit…

1. Tell us your favorite college fashion staple in the comments below. Then make sure you’re following Boy Meets Girl® on Twitter and that you like them on Facebook. That’s it. You’re automatically entered to win this amazing prize.  Oh, and make sure to use your real e-mail address so we can contact you if you win.
2. Contest closes at 11:59 PM on September 16 2011
3. Please note this giveaway is only open to US and Canadian residents. For official rules and more legal mumbo-jumbo, click here.
4. One grand prize winner will be announced at 7 pm on Sunday, Sept. 18th on 5 runner-ups will receive gift cards to Campus Candy.

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