Celebrity Chic on the Cheap: Kirsten Dunst is Polka Dot Pretty

Kirsten Dunst hasn’t really been relevant to me, personally, since Bring It On. And I haven’t heard her name with any regularity since the last Spiderman movie she was in. For a long time, I’m pretty sure she was low-key on the Lindsay Lohan lifestyle program. Nearly every time I saw a paparazzi shot of her, she looked strung out and like she had given up on…everything. But she seems to have fought through her existential crisis and is going to be in five movies in the next 18 months (including one with Ryan Gosling, lucky her…). Lately, she has been on the promo circuit and her style has been really cute. Kind of boho, kind of glam, and pretty much consistently adorable.

maxi skirt – Forever 21, $19.80//polka dot blouse – Forever 21, $15.80//silver sandals – Endless, $49.95// metallic bag – Aldo, $22.98

Polka dot is a classic print. It is understated enough to be formal, but still whimsical enough to be dressed down. This polka dot blouse could easily be layered under a blazer and paired with your favorite black skirt to create a more sleek look, but I’m also a huge fan of the  way Kirsten paired hers with a white maxi skirt.
I’m generally not a fan of relegating clothes to being worn only in certain seasons, and I’m loving how common and acceptable it is to transition your summer clothes into fall wear. This look perfectly balances summer and fall by embracing a contrasting color scheme. Silver sandals add some glitz to the ensemble, and I threw in a silver purse because, really, how realistic is it to not carry around some kind of bag? This is a really relaxed, feminine ensemble that is a perfect daytime look.

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