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Web Spy: Booktrack


I’m a big reader, but I know that not everyone feels the same — some people I know would much rather watch a movie than read a book. I get it — movies have awesome special affects, scores and sound effects that make the whole experience more exciting. But now there’s a new App that aims to make reading more like watching a movie!

Booktrack takes your e-reading experience to another level by adding a soundtrack. Booktracks  are e-books that play music and sound effects to go along with the story you’re reading. So, as the website explains, if you’re reading about the character in the book is at a nightclub, you’ll hear club music, or if you’re reading about war, you’ll hear the sound of soldier’s footsteps marching. What’s more, Booktrack tracks your reading speed and changes the music and effects to fit what you’re reading at the time.

Way cool, right?

Booktrack is still brand new, so they only have a few titles, but I’m sure  Booktracks are available for download for iPhone and iPad at the iTunes App store (support for Android, Macs/PCs and other devices are coming soon). Some titles are free to download, while others cost an affordable $1 to $4.

I can’t wait to start building my Booktrack library!

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