Celebrating the Lion King’s 17th Anniversary With 17 Fun Facts

Ready to be shocked? The Lion King came out 17 years ago. 17 YEARS AGO. That makes me feel like I should already be in a retirement home. It seems like just yesterday Simba and Nala kept the Circle of Life intact. To celebrate the 17th anniversary, Disney is re-releasing the movie in theatres in 3-D. So, now we can all watch Mufasa die right in front of our tear-filled eyes all over again!

We can also see the word “sex” spelled out right in front our eyes…or so we think. Apparently the animators spelled “SFX”, which stands for special effects, as a signature of their work (egos much?).  The movie was also going to be more of a National Geographic-style documentary (SO BORING) instead of a musical.

Want to know more odd facts? Moviefone is celebrating the 17th anniversary by releasing 17 facts you probably don’t know about The Lion King.

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