Happy Birthday, Harry!

Whether he’s breaking hearts or breaking bottles, who doesn’t love a handsome bad boy prince on his birthday!? Celebuzz posted some smokin’ hot photos of our favorite ginger, so we figured we’d give you a few reasons why you should go look a them and drool and consider moving to England to kinda sorta maybe take to stalking him and then marry him (natch).

Move over, William, it’s time to celebrate and drool over the top five reasons we love Prince Harry!

1. He Gives Back

Taking after his charitable Mum, Prince Harry not only donates and advocates for unprivileged children, he is also co-founder of the charity “Sentebale”.  The charity, which embodies his mother’s empathy for children affected by AIDs, is located in South Africa. “Sentebale” was, in part, created in loving memory of his mother and is translated as: “Forget Me Not.” Oh trust me Harry, we won’t.

2. He’s Athletic

Since we’ve all spotted him kickin’ arse on the polo field, lets direct our attention to his other talents. Harry is an avid skier and rugby player and seems to be a natural at just about any sport he picks up. Us American girls would very much love to see Harry participating in any kind of sport that involves him taking his shirt off.

3. He Loves His Mum

Harry and his equally famous brother, William, have never been camera shy to speak out about their late mum, Princess Diana. Both boys are heavily involved in philanthropic projects that remind us of Princess Di’s natural sparkle and vigor for life. Both boys continue to show a natural compassion for others that, without a doubt, they inherited from her. But if that wasn’t enough, who doesn’t love a man that loves his mama?

4. He’s a Party Boy

Dubbed by many as “Buckingham Palace’s Party Boy”, over the years Prince Harry has shown us all that he has nothing to hide. Whether he’s in a bar dancing to house music or showing off his moves to the Prince of South Africa, Prince Harry can always be happily captured having a blast. Need another reason to drool over his moves? He can break it down on the dance floor when he’s ready to party but can keep it together in front of mom, dad and London’s dignitaries alike. Oh, baby.

5. He Fights for His Country… and Our Hearts

He is a decorated man, ladies. Harry proudly serves his country as lieutenant of The Royal Army and proudly serves the hearts of females throughout the world. Not only did Harry attend one of England’s premiere military academies, Sandhurst, he also publicly stated that he would join his fellow fighting brothers on the front lines in Afghanistan. Well geez Harry, if I knew it was that easy to get you at the forefront of the war, I would have mentioned a few of the battles I’ve been fighting recently….

Uh, anyway, happy birthday, Harry! Cheers to 27 years honorable, hunky years as heartthrob of the English government! Now, if you could just make all our dreams come true and date a commoner.

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