Hot or Hot Mess: Keira Knightley in Elie Saab at the Toronto Film Festival

Guess what? I actually like this outfit.

Usually I pick something either undoubtedly ugly or something that divides me completely, but this week I decided to pick something that I personally really like but that I felt might divide people. I thought it might be more fun this way.

So this week I chose Keira Knightley‘s ensemble at the Toronto Film Festival. Yes, it kinda resembles a┬ádoily, but I’m okay with that. I think what I love about this dress is even though I know it’s couture straight off the runway, it just looks so rustic and vintage. It looks like the kind of dress you would run your hand over and then pull off an over-crowded rack at a vintage store, hold up against yourself and feel as though you’ve won the jackpot.

I absolutely love the lace trend that has been present through the last few seasons, and this dress demonstrates the trend perfectly. I like the fact she kept the look very delicate, with gorgeous nude-coloured Miu Miu shoes, a smokey eye and light pink lips. I’d love to see this dress contrasted with chunky black heels and leather accents too, though.

The dress has tiered sleeves, which add an unusual touch, and a floral-detail waistband. It is also absolutely stunning from behind, which is backless.

Well, I’ve said my peace. I love this outfit and think Keira looks stunning.

But what do you think? Hot or hot mess?

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