Meet the The Tallest Women in Hollywood

Celebrities come in all shapes and sizes. We’ve got all the 4-foot-somethings down in the “tiny” category with Snooki (4’11”) and all the “average” people hanging out in the severely overcrowded 5-foot-something category. But then there’s a few women who obviously have either goddess genes or were giants in a past life, cause they’ve made it into the 6-foot-and-over club.
As a member of the 5-foot-something category, some of the women below are easily a foot taller than me. I often hear some of my taller friends complaining about how hard it is to find guys that are taller than them and how they hate having to buy longer jeans, but come on. The taller you are, the more powerful you look, and isn’t it a given that tall people have long legs? Sure, it might be harder to find genes that fit, but I’d pass up buying “short” cut jeans any day for long legs AND an excuse to only date ridiculously tall men.
Check out some of the fabulous women who are 6’0″ and above- and that’s WITHOUT heels.

Would you rather be short, tall, or just average? Would you ever date someone shorter than you?

Candy Dish: Norse (Sex) God
Candy Dish: Norse (Sex) God
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