Single Girl Society: Make This Year Your Year

So school’s back in full-swing and with it comes mixers that have already started to wreak havoc on your liver and your attached friends who can’t help but interject with something like this, “Maybe this will be your year.” Funny how the year of the single person is supposed to be the one when they become un-single.

Lesson #40 – Make this year your year.

If you’re anything like me, your response is less than ladylike. Something along the lines of an eye-roll, a fake smirk and a murmur under your breath just before downing the rest of your jungle juice and figuring out an exit strategy. Okay, so maybe you’re not as bitter as me, but enough is enough, it’s time single ladies everywhere put their stiletto-clad foots down.

There are so many things that can mark the makings of a good year—time spent with friends and family, doing well in school and at work and getting a chance to really figure out who you are. Love can make your year, but it doesn’t have to be for someone else. The best years of my life have been these past two years in college, my single years where I dated off and on, some guys more serious than other but, above all, maintained a sense of my own independence.

At the risk of sounding like a broken record, the best part of being single is the flexibility. When you’re the only person in charge of your life, you choose with who and how to spend it. There’s nothing in the world that quite measures up to having a perfect sense of exactly who you are and what you want from life. In my own experience, I’ve found that it’s the periods in my life where I’ve been 100 percent single that help me through the periods in my life where I’m a little less than 100 percent single.

So many girls float from relationship to relationship, often forgetting that there are fundamentals you learn while single that can make a relationship stronger and more fulfilling. For example, the independence you learn to love while single can carry over when you start a relationship and create a healthy balance of time spent with your guy, you friends and above all, yourself.

I cant help but be bothered by girls who think it’s appropriate to make a judgment about my life just because it’s different than theirs. It’s almost as if being “the single friend” is an inconvenience to these girls, like they’re just waiting for you to convince a guy to date you already so you can go on double dates and hear her boyfriend tell the same hunting story over and over again.

Make this year your own, on your own, and if love rolls around, just remember the things you picked up from loving yourself.

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