Rent The Runway Look of the Week: Dressing for Date Night

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Call me old fashioned, but I’m all for date night. I still prefer dinner with face to face conversations over texting, I don’t think a three game winning streak with a cute guy at the beer pong table qualifies as getting to know each other, I and believe there’s no better combination since PB&J than dinner and a movie. And since dating seems to be a dying thing on college campuses, when date nights do come around, I feel all sorts of pressure to look extra good. We need to keep dating alive, people. Please take me back to the good old days when your parents picked up your 6th boyfriend, drove you both to Chili’s and sat a table or two away to enjoy their meal.
When your knight in shining armor — or at least your ticket to a free meal — picks you up, you’re going to want to look perfect, no? If you don’t need to worry about a flawless outfit, you can focus on more important things… like coming up with backup conversations fillers ahead of time to avoid those awkward silences. Phew.

With this Parker Shoulder Peep Dress I was striving for flirty but casual. No need to overwhelm your date with heels and some glamorous up-do. Instead, throw on some flats, grab a boho bag and frolic to your romantic meal.
No date in sight? Snag this dress for a girls’ night out instead. It’s more important to impress your girlfriends anyway.
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Versatile Style: Rock & Republic Clove Sandal
Versatile Style: Rock & Republic Clove Sandal
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