The Weekly Ten: Falling for Fall

I’m a huge supporter of summer. The bonfires, day-long beach trips and kiddie pools out back — they’re all are home to me…which is why I’m a little confused. I should be rejoicing that the 80 degree days are extending past labor day. Instead I’m left wishing the leaves would start changing, hoping that my pants can move back to the front of my closet, ¬†and even wearing sweaters to try to force the hot weather out. Maybe it’s the overload of pumpkin spice lattes (my new legal drug addiction) but I am lusting after fall this year.
In my mind, fall seems like it is the perfect season. The weather is that cool, not too hot, not too cold temperature. It’s crisp enough to wear a sweatshirt, but not cold enough to wear a bulky coat. You can still go for your usual walk, without sweating’s pretty great. Blame it on the adorable trench coats, early arrival of in season drinks..whatever it is, I’m so ready to start rolling around in piles of leaves:
1. Leaves: Fall is one of the seasons that makes me so glad to live in New England, they make my three hour drives to Maine a little bit better.
2. Not shaving: I’m Italian, so I was not graced with the ability to shave every other week, let alone every other day. So I am pumped to not have to be in shorts every day.
3. Fall Festivals: I love summer carnivals, but nothing beats walking around in the crisp air, eating your carmel apple, while walking to the ferris wheel with your friends.
4. Apple picking: Strawberry picking is annoying, it’s too hot, the vines are so small and the kids are too whiny. But apple picking is the’s the perfect temperature, you can actually see what you’re picking and apples make a good weapon.
5. Corn Mazes: Granted I’ve never been in one before, but I’ve heard they are fun. Well when you don’t get completely lost, and you’re with friends who have nowhere to be. But in theory, it seems like a great way to spend an October day.
6. Cold nights: I’m poor and don’t have having a boy over in the summer sucks. I usually make it more than obvious that he is not allowed to touch any part of my disgustingly sweaty body while sleeping, but in the fall..snuggle time is on, Stamos’¬†style.
7. Frizz friendly hair: Anyone lucky enough to have curly hair knows that humid weather is not a great ingredient for a good hair day. Which is why the fall is a welcome back to me actually attempting to do my hair.
8. Haunted things: Okay, so maybe the last time I was on a haunted hay ride I ran off before we got to the actual scary part..but still. I do love me some ABC family 13 nights of Halloween, and a good ol’ haunted house never hurt anyone, I don’t think.
9. All things Pumpkins: things that are flavored pumpkin, carving pumpkins, watching movies about a giant pumpkin (*cough* Halloween Town *cough*)…everything.
10. Thanksgiving: Or as I like to call excuse to eat as many pies as possible in as little time as possible.

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