Glamour Says The Darndest Things: October Edition

Jen Aniston, Demi Moore, and a very photoshopped Alicia Keys grace this month’s cover of Glamour. And what, pray tell, brought these three women together? No, they didn’t all date the same guy, they’ve bonded over breast cancer advocacy. While breast cancer is, of course, a truly significant cause, can we talk about the fact that heart disease is actually the number one killer of women? Six times as many women die from a heart attack or another heart-related ailment than breast cancer. I didn’t know this myself until a ¬†few months ago, and ever since I found out, I’ve been pretty perturbed about the way that breast cancer has become “the” disease for women to advocate for…but that’s a whole other subject for a completely different time.
But on to less heavy topics of conversation…
This month, Glamour’s resident gentleman has decided to enlighten us with four fashion choices that totally turn guys off.

Glamour says: Sky-high stilettos say “I’m high-maintenance.”
Jasmine says: Or they say, “these are the only shoes I have in this color” or “I feel like an Amazon goddess.” Yes, some women do wear heels and they use it as an excuse to go out and not have fun, but most of us just like to channel our inner Beyonce sometimes.
Glamour says: Too many logos says “Let’s go shopping.” (in a really superficial, shallow, insecure way)
Jasmine says: I’m…inclined to agree. There’s nothing wrong with a subtle logo, but large, in your face proclamations of who designed your shirt or bag? Way too high school.
Glamour says: Super skimpy stuff says: “I might wear hot pants to your uncle’s funeral.”
Jasmine says: Because what a woman wears on a date is indicative of what she would wear to funeral? Really? Two totally different contexts.
Glamour says: Shapeless clothes say “I think I’m fat.”
Jasmine says: Or, maybe, she’s just not interested in putting her body on display for public consumption. What a novel idea.

Partying in Vegas
Partying in Vegas
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