Gambling for Grades: Why Didn't I Do That?

Imagine being paid to do well in college. Better than an allowance, better than a job, better then birthday cash… I’m talking getting paid to write papers. Sounds good when it rolls off the tongue, doesn’t it?
Well, there’s a website that (kind of) makes that possible! ULTRINSIC was created after two friends made a bet while lazing around one Sunday afternoon, not studying for upcoming exams. The terms of the bet were as follows: if the “Mike” got an A on his exam, “Ted” would give him $100 but if “Mike” didn’t get an A then he owed “Ted” $20. More motivation to do well? I think so.
ULTRINSIC is a website totally devoted to students in school (undergraduate or grad level). Their aim is to provide students an exciting incentive to do well in their classes: a cash money reward.
After doing some research on the site, their program works like this: choose to invest in one course, multiple courses or invest for the entire semester, pay a portion of the cost ($5, $10, or $20) and if your GPA is at, or above, what you predicted it would be then consider yourself a winner! If you invested $5, you’ll earn up to $500; $10 and earn up to $1,000; if you invested $20, make room in your wallet for close to $2,000.
What I like most about this incentive-inspired program is that even if you lose, you might still win. Take out insurance on any of your investments and you still get cash back. Invite, encourage and watch your friends win and you make 5% of their earnings every time they win forever.
My vote on ULTRINSIC is that it’s definitely worth looking into and signing up for, even if you only take out an investment for one course. Forget bets on poker night, make fast cash making bets on your education.
What do you think?

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