I’m On A Boat: Sperry Rainboots

I will never be one of those girls who can pull off bright-colored rain boots. Some ladies can rock ducks, pieces of lemon, or polka dots and look pretty good. Whenever I so much as tried them on I have flashbacks of elementary school, complete with dunk-a-roos and fruit roll ups. I just feel silly. And now that this California girl has found herself attending school in Pittsburgh, rain boots were no longer a fashion option but a necessity.
I’ve been on the hunt for some more sophisticated rain boots. I was hoping to find a pair that look like a cute riding boot. Hunter boots seem to be the go-to college staple but I really wanted to find a pair that is a bit more feminine and less popular. For now anyway…
There are tons and tons of rain boots (and all sorts of shoes for that matter) on Planetshoe.com, including spunky colored ones if that’s your jam. When looking for a pair to review for you lovely readers of CollegeCandy I stumbled upon some boots made by Sperry Topsider. I didn’t even know Sperry made rain boots, but I suppose it made sense—the little loafers can’t always cut in the elements at sea, no?

When the boots arrived I was extremely thrilled. They pretty comfy (there’s a cushioned liner!) and I still love the look of them, especially the little buckle that adorns the base of the boot. I also really like the height of the boot; they’re not too short to guard against the endless showers of Pittsburgh. Finally, a pair of rain boots that are feminine, not bulky, but conveniently without any shades of neon.
My fall wardrobe just got a whole lot more fashionable…Check the boots out here.
Full Disclosure: Planetshoe.com provided these boots for free so I can review them.

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Candy Dish: Fashion and Beauty Overload
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