Facebook Timeline: Stalker’s Paradise

Unless you live in an internet-less cave, or are one of those “I don’t have a Facebook” weirdos, then you have to already know that Facebook is going to change A LOT in the next few weeks. The new Facebook Timeline profile is a stalkers dream. The Timeline highlights events in your life (because we all want to re-live that bad break-up), and Facebook is teaming up with other websites, like Hulu, so you can watch shows with your friends over Facebook. There wont be any need to get together for Girl’s Night and watch Glee, you can just sit at your own apartment and never have to be social again.

If this sounds good, there are ways for you to get the Timeline early. Are you a Facebook developer? Me neither, but you can still pretend to be one to get the new profile. If that sounds too tech-y for you. You can also go here¬†and sign up for a beta notification. This option is way easier, but you won’t get the Timeline immediately. I hope after Timeline is released, Facebook will be done changing for a while. I need time to use the Timeline to see the really awkward high school pictures of all the people I’m jealous of.

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