Celebrity Chic on the Cheap: Kristin Cavallari Rocks a Marvelous Minidress

In the Greatest Debate of our Time — Team LC vs. Team Kristin —  I was very firmly Team LC. I found Kristin to be beyond obnoxious — so brash, dramatic, tacky, and over-the-top. LC was someone I actually wanted to know; Kristin reminded me of too many girls I did know. Because LC was so low-key and chill, she didn’t make for terribly exciting TV, so everyone called Kristin the “breakout star” of Laguna Beach…and we see how that turned out. LC is a New York Times bestselling author and has a successful clothing line…and Kristin is on Dancing With The Stars (ABC’s definition of “star” is getting looser and looser, isn’t it?). That said, there must be something in the DWTS water because lately Kristin has been spotted looking pretty gorge and sexy. (Still Team LC all the way though.)

lace dress – Alloy, $36.90// nude pumps – Zappos $49.00//black clutch – Endless, $25.00

Two of my favorite things have come together in perfect harmony – lace and nudity. But seriously, lace minidresses are so sexy and come-hither, while nude continues to be a hot, on-trend color. This is a great alternative to a LBD, as it’s still very neutral, but isn’t quite as overdone. Nude pumps were Kristin’s shoe of choice, which is totally sleek (though I also love the idea of a red shoe with this dress….). To break the monochromatic color scheme, a black clutch adds a burst of contrast. This is a fabu night ensemble that is trendy, eye-catching, and alluring.

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