Kids Movies That Should Come Back In 3D

3D movies are all the rage right now. While they’ve been around for a while, Avatar took the 3D experience to the next level and now almost every movie is in 3D. Harry Potter, Twilight, Pirates of the Caribbean, Cars 2…they all took the silver screen in the third dimension, along with many other films. I like 3D, but sometimes it can make my head hurt and my eyes go all wacky. I don’t personally enjoy seeing movies with real actors and actresses in that fashion, but give me an animated cartoon and I’m all over that.
Disney took The Lion King out of the vault and re-released it in theaters in 3D, which I’m going to see this Friday! Everyone I know that’s seen it has said it rocked their childhood world. I’m beyond excited, and there are some other childhood favorites that I’d love to watch in 3D as well:
1. Beauty and the Beast: The best part of this would be the “Be Our Guest” sequence. All of those plates, mugs and utensils flying everywhere. Anytime the wardrobe opened, something would pop out at you. You would feel like you’re having a snowball fight with Belle and Beast, an
2. The Little Mermaid: It will legit feel like you’re under the sea. While I don’t particularly want to see Ursala like that, the rest of it would be super cool. The shipwreck, Sebastian escaping the chef, “A Part of Your World” and “Kiss the Girl” in 3D? Yes please.
3. The Rescuers Down Under: This is an underrated Disney movie, and I think it could serve well as a re-release. There is so much adventure in this movie that would be ten times better in 3D. You’ve got mice and kangaroo rats rescuing an Australian kid and an eagle, how is that not awesome?
4. Aladdin:! All of those wishes right in your face! Yeah, it’d be a little frightening when he’s the bad genie and Jasmine is being suffocated with sand, but I’d love to see Aladdin steal that lamp a la Indiana Jones style. Can’t you just picture the magic carpet ride being so much more magical?
5. Mulan: I would love to see one of my favorite Disney heroines, Mushu and that adorable cricket duke it out against the Huns in 3D. That battle in the snow would be incredible, not to mention those fireworks! I also think “Be A Man” would benefit in 3D.
Even though we love 3D movies, there are some that just shouldn’t make the conversion.

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