Web Spy: TurningArt

Tired of the plain white walls in your dorm room or apartment? Sure, you can always head down to the university bookstore and pick up a couple of posters, but you’re unique… so shouldn’t your artwork be as well?
Give TurningArt a try. Choose from TurningArt‘s gallery of over 700 paintings and photographs from some of the best rising artists and photographers in the country. You can browse by style or medium, or also by artist if there’s a particular artist you like or by location if you’re interested in supporting the local art community. Once you find a piece of artwork you like, add it to your queue. Before you know it, a framed high-quality print of your chosen artwork will be on its way to you. Keep the art hanging on your wall as long as you’d like, or send it back in the pre-paid mailer for the next piece of artwork on your queue.
TurningArt plans start at just $10 a month for a 16″ x 20″ frame, or you can opt for the larger 24″ x 30″ frame for $30 a month. And what makes TurningArt really great is that each dollar you spend while renting artwork goes towards earning ArtCredits, good for purchasing an original piece of art from the site (not just a print).
I think TurningArt is a great idea. By allowing you to try out pieces of art before you buy them ensures you get something you really love once you decide to purchase a piece. So while it costs more than the mass-produced posters you see in dorm rooms across the country, you’ll be getting something truly unique, just like you!

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