Hot or Hot Mess: Sarah Jessica Parker in Stella McCartney at the Premier of Ocean's Kingdom

The more time I spend looking at this outfit, the less I like it.
And I love lace. And asymmetry.
It’s just… SJP could feasibly be my mother. I would not want my mother going out in something like this.
Don’t get me wrong, it’s a gorgeous dress. I love the lace, I love the white (who says you can’t wear white after Labour Day?!), I love how she has accessorized with a big floral piece (very Carrie), but I just don’t think it’s…well…appropriate. I think she’s showing a little bit too much skin and it just isn’t the right choice for her- even adding length to it would just make it look too bride-y.
I love the nude bag and pretty jewellery, but I don’t really understand why she chose green Manolo Blahnik shoes- I think nude or black would have been cuter. I do like her makeup, but again, I think the black eyeliner and heavy smokey eye it a little bit too much for her nowadays.
I’m not going to insist that SJP start wearing mom jeans and pant suits, but I’m just not mad on this one.
What do you think- hot or hot mess?

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