Sweatpants in Public: There's Just No Excuse

As a college student, I think it is most important that we all sit down once and a while and think about all the things we’ve learned in our years. Not necessarily academic things, because lord knows I don’t remember a thing from freshmen year, but the important things: life, love, the pursuit of happiness, etc. etc.
I do this quite regularly during classes (I think it’s called “zoning out” or “not paying attention”), and recently realized the most valuable lesson I’ve ever learned.
Now please pay very close attention and re-read if necessary, because what I’m about to share with you is very, very valuable and apparently very, very difficult for college students to grasp:
Sweatpants are not meant to be worn in public, ever.
Before you even utter the word “comfortable,” bite your tongue. They are unflattering, lazy, and meant to be worn at home. Anything that has the word “sweat” in it should not be worn in public, and that should have been self-explanatory.
I don’t mean to reprimand you, dear reader…you know I love you…but I can’t go on in a world like this. The next person I see with “Juicy,” “Victoria’s Secret,” “Pink” or any other word written over their derrière, gets pantsed.
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