The Most Mysterious Olsen Alive

Mary Kate and Ashley? Yes, I’m familiar. Elizabeth Olsen? It seems as if EVERYONE is talking about her lately. But what about Trent Olsen? The older brother of the sisters remains a mystery. Was he sold off by the twins for only 50 cents?  We thought so, but apparently he ended up being not for sale.
So where is Trent Olsen? Who is Trent Olsen? Nobody really knows.
If you type “Trent Olsen” into Google, you get an almost empty IMDB page and the link to Mary Kate and Ashley’s Wikipedia. Not much to show for his 27 years of life. In 2006, Mr. Olsen graduated from USC, according to IMDB. What was his major? We can only speculate. It may have been computer science, or it may have been useless family members. All we really know is that this might be him. Not much to go on.
Maybe there will be a You’re Invited to Mary-Kate and Ashley’s Sleepover Party reunion and we will learn a little more about what he’s been up to. But until then, we will have to be content with the Olsen girls. If Trent wants more attention, he should start dressing boho-homeless. That’s why the twins are famous in the first place, right?
If you have any information on Trent or his whereabouts or what it was like to be put up for sale by his younger sisters, please let us know.

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