Budget Stylista – Dressing Up Sportswear

Though sweatpants are NEVER cool for public wear, our favourite fashion designers scoured locker rooms for inspiration for their fall 2011 collections. And then did a complete 180, cause these looks sure didn’t include the over-sized, inherited from a former FWB t-shirts. No, these looks are much too nice for the college gym.
This is one of the things that I love about fashion. Designers can be “inspired” by something, and then channel it in a way that is on an entirely different planet than the original inspiration. For example, just because the Victorian-era inspired designers this season, doesn’t mean girls are rocking the insane junk-in-yo-trunk bustle. So instead of the clothes you’d sweat-it-out at the gym in, there are chic, sporty clothes for you instead.
Some ways to add a little athletic flair into your wardrobe is through more fashionable items made of typical sports fabric. This includes things that look like they could be surf-wear or jersey items including the pullover.
Outfit 1:¬†Puffer vests are perfect for a walk outside on a fall day, and with this herringbone one, you don’t have to schlep around. If you don’t quite need a full jacket during the fall, a vest on top of a long-sleeve shirt is a nice, cosy substitution. Jeans and tees are casual enough for class, though they don’t have to be boring. Adding a bright coloured scarf is a way to add a pop of colour and some visual interest to an otherwise simple outfit.

Outfit Details: Vest – Banana Republic / T-shirt – Old Navy
Jeans – American Eagle / Mocassins – Zappos / Scarf – Charlotte Russe

Outfit 2:¬†Just because something is athletic-inspired, doesn’t mean you have to be able to do anything remotely athletic is. Unless you count dancing it up at the club, cause that could be a sport. Right? Some of the athletic inspired wear this season is taken straight out of Blue Crush. This on-trend colour-blocked skirt has the look of a neoprene item (but is cheap!), drawing inspiration from the surfer females. I like it with a breezy blouse , which, if you’re fortunate to live in a town that is never cold, you could wear over a bikini. Keeping up the sport inspired look I also added an Adidas tote that you could keep either your books or your actual workout gear in.

Outfit Details: Necklace – AE / Shirt – Old Navy / Bag – Adidas
Skirt – Go Jane / Flats – Target / Bracelet – Forever 21

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