WTF Friday:

Have you ever suspected your significant other was cheating? Do you hate confrontation? Would you prefer to be told by online strangers about your cheating partner? Yes, yes and yes!?
Well head on over to The website created to expose cheaters in the most ridiculous way possible.
Here’s how it works:
1. You recognize the obvious fact that someone you know  is a cheating, lying skank and it’s your job to let the world know.
2. You upload all their personal information to the website. Don’t forget to upload a few photos from different angles.
3.  You revert back to your second grade English  and social skills and write a detailed description of the cheater and the cheating. (Real description below.)
This chick has been all over town. She grew up where I live and I have met her a few times, she’s nuts. She talks s**t on all of her girlfriends, and messes around with all of their boyfriends. Just recently she screwed a random stranger in his van. She may appear cute and innocent, but this recent high school graduate is on the road to STDisaster. Interested guys beware, you will ruin the rest of your life by being with this girl unprotected, be sure to wrap it up. She recently moved from Big Bear to Santa Barbara to get her GED in sex education. Watch out homeboys!!! Looks AND AGE can be deceiving. Her hair could be brown, red, blonde, pink?? She will change her image quickly like her partners. Uneducated player.. 100% LOOK OUT!
4. You cross your fingers, do a rain dance and hope that all the victims of this horrible, horrible cheater check everyday.

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Celebrating Banned Book Week With Erotic Classics!
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