Fall Movies We Actually Want to See

What do an orgy, a human eating shark and a frantic, dumpy version of SJP have in common? They’re all going to be featured on the big screen this fall. Yikes. And just like that, you’re going to be outright avoiding the theaters until The Muppets Movie comes out in November and we can watch Jason Segal bro with Fozzie Bear.
However, since we all know going to the movies is an integral part of any proper hungover Sunday, I felt the need to find a couple hidden gems in here. And you better be thankful for my sleuthing skills, because sitting through a shark eating Carrie Bradshaw while she’s having an orgy (wait, did I just combine a few movies there?) would only intensify that Natty headache all the more.
So here’s a list of the movies that actually want to have me shelling out my money. Advanced warning though, I have only watched the trailers, so if they end up sucking, don’t throw your popcorn at me!

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