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We all deal with it. Waving down a taxi, cheering during a football game or flagging down that cute guy in your chem class. It’s known as under arm flab or simply a trouble spot in the tricep area. It’s frustrating to deal with this, when all you want to do is to wear sleeveless dresses and wave your hands like you just don’t care! No worries, try out these fun moves and you’ll be good in no time. Combine these strength moves with a cardio routine to see quick results. Remember, exercising is only half of the equation. Proper nutrition and post-workout food recovery is also essential.
Stay fabulous and sexy, CC girls!
1. Half cobra push-up

Lay down on your stomach and place your hands right next to your chest. Slightly raise yourself up until there is a 45-60 degree angle in your elbow. Slowly lower yourself back down to the beginning position. Keep your elbows close into your rib cage, as they should graze as your raise and lower yourself. Repeat this move for one minute, rest and repeat 2 more times.
2. Tricep Push-Up

Stay in the same position as before. Place your hands next to your chest and raise yourself into a plank position. Beginners, start on your knees or take yourself onto your feet for a challenge. As your lower yourself into a push up, keep your elbows close in to your ribcage. This will work your tricep area, whereas a regular push up focuses on your shoulders and back muscles. Keep your hands aligned right under your shoulders for maximum results. Begin with 3 sets of 10.

The Weekly Ten: How to Stay Healthy
The Weekly Ten: How to Stay Healthy
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