I Have to Go Cry Now

Some people cry with such ease. I am not one of those people. It takes a lot to make my eyes water (unless I’m on my period, then I tend to get emotional over the tiniest things). However, there are some things that can make even the coldest person cry. Even if your heart is made of stone, these five things are always going to be tearjerkers.
1. That scene in Titanic when the mom is reading to her kids as the boat sinks
She KNOWS the boat is sinking and that her family most likely won’t make it out alive, so she reads her kids to sleep so they can die in peace. OMG I’m about to cry right now.
2. Sad Animals
When those Sarah McLachlan commercials come on and I start seeing blind cats and dogs with no teeth, I turn into a mess and contemplate adopting every single one of those animals.
3. A Pregnancy Scare
These are especially bad when you’re on birth control and you’re period usually comes the day after your last pill, and for some reason it doesn’t come one month. You suddenly start thinking “Of course I would be the one person out of 100 that gets pregnant.” Then you start crying because you’re only 20 years old and you don’t want to graduate with a baby bump.
4. Finally realizing how many student loans you took out
I recently looked at how much I’m going to have to pay back after college, and I sobbed. I’m a journalism major, okay? I’m not going to be a doctor or anything, so I’ll be paying back my loans until I die.
5. This video
Get out a box of Kleenex.

Candy Dish: We Just Blue Ourselves
Candy Dish: We Just Blue Ourselves
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