Versatile Style: Wet Seal Floral Ruffle Dress

Fall is my favorite fashion season because it’s all about transitioning; changing your wardrobe, slowly but surely, over to winter wear. With cold weather comes adaptations, and that also applies when it comes to clothes! Today, I’m taking a summery dress and showing you how to wear it on Indian summer and early winter days. Presenting the Floral Ruffle Dress (no points for creativity) from Wet Seal.
This cute, patterned dress features a black shell with a printed chiffon overlay. The unique florals feature tiny red and light pink flowers. It has a scoop-neck top and elastic waist, along with a cape-like top and sleeves. The whole dress is very forgiving and flattering – sure to suit many unique body shapes. Like I said, we’re going to explore how this dress fares in different climates.
Let’s start with warm.

On a warm day, a chiffon dress is a great choice. I chose red floral flats that perfectly compliment the print of the dress. The light pink leatherette purse will fit all your school supplies or necessities for a day of shopping, while also matching the pattern. A brown belt is a cute way to break up the dress and add even more definition at your waist. Top it off with simple accessories (pearl studs, a charm bracelet) and you’re ready to go!
And now onto a chilly day.

Dresses are surprisingly good for cool days too! Just add a pair of tights or leggings underneath and a neutral cardi to stay warm. Because the dress’ base is black, I stuck with that. Add a pair of boots in brown or grey as to not blend in the with leggings. The purple purse is very winter-y, but also matches the vampy red florals. Top it off (literally) with a black beanie, which serves the purpose of keeping you warm and also looks very boho-chic. I stayed with simple pendants for the jewelery, as the dress is already detailed.
And it’s that easy! Tights and cardis are your main weapon in the quest to winterize your wardrobe. Don’t be afraid of purchasing sundresses like this one at the end-of-summer sales going on now; you can definitely wear them throughout the winter.

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