Happy Birthday Alicia: A Tribute to Clueless

A couple of weeks ago, the epic Take My Breath Away came on the radio, to which my friend exclaimed “OMG, the theme song from Clueless! You know at the end where…?”
Though most people alive today would immediately associate this song with Top Gun, the fact that this association with Clueless immediately popped into my friend’s head is just one of the many examples as to how Clueless and Alicia Silverstone defined our early teenage years.
Who wouldn’t have wanted that gorgeous blonde hair, the biggest house on the block, the best wardrobe, the chance to actually be the most popular girl in school, and to end things dating Paul Rudd? Um…AS IF!
While the girls in Cluless certainly had their setbacks, there was never any questions that Cher was going to come out on top. This was the girl who could fix anything, anybody and any wardrobe malfunction. And phrases like “Total Betty” somehow rolled off her tongue effortlessly. While the rest of us could try and imitate Cher, it was impossible; she was one of a kind, and the best that we could do was look to her for some important life lessons.
So, in honor of Alicia Silverstone’s birthday, I would like to offer her a big thank you for teaching me so many valuable lessons as an impressionable teenager. Thank you, Alicia, for teaching me that no matter how poorly you do on a test, your grade is never set in stone. Thank you for teaching me that dorks are totally dateable. And, most importantly, thank you for teaching me that being nice to people is actually important…so long as they aren’t trying to replicate your wardrobe.
Happy Birthday to the girl who unintentionally defined our impressions of Beverly Hills and turn what could have been a run-of-the-mill chick flick into a completely life-defining movie (yes, life-defining. No, this is not a typo…did you not read the first paragraph of this article?)
If you want even more Clueless, click here for facts that I didn’t know about the movie, so you definitely didn’t!

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