He Said/She Said – A Few Things We'd Like To Ask Him

Allow me to give a glimpse into my personal life—I recently ended a year-long relationship with the Asshole of the Century. (Step aside, Tiger Woods!). However, I said my piece, ended the unhappy relationship and have since moved back into the dating world! I know my Mr. Right is out there somewhere and I am excited to find him. So, rather than sit around thrusting negative energy into the world, I will remain that hopeful romantic who continues to try and see the best in people…including guys. With that said, I’ve got some questions for our dude!

Let’s be honest here, questions.

In my most recent relationship I felt that my passion for learning was always something he resented. Are guys actually threatened by intelligent girls?

After hearing the brutal truth about my ex from a valid source, it was apparent that our sex life was openly discussed without my knowing. Yeah, not okay. How often do dudes discuss their sex lives with friends?

When girls say, “No, just go out with your friends (and get wasted and potentially make bad decisions)!” What they really mean is, “No, stay home and cuddle with me!” Do guys have underlying meanings when they say things or do they actually mean what they say?

Is it a “fear of commitment” or are you still deciding whether or not you like the girl? …Or are you just using the girl?

Why do guys tend to wait muuuuch longer than girls to respond to text messages?

Because we want to know, questions.

Since I’m getting back into the dating scene, should it be expected to split the bill on a first date? (If the guy’s in college, that is).

Funny, sexy, cute or smart? Pick two.

I’ve got to be real, I am a BIG fan of hipster fashion. I know there’s “girl hot” and “guy hot” and that most girls think high-wasted shorts are adorable (at least in Austin), but what do guys really think of high-wasted shorts and girls like Zooey Deschanel?

For my romantic self, questions.

Dear dude, when was the exact moment you fell in love with your current or previous girlfriend?

What’s the sweetest thing you’ve ever done for a girl?

What’s the sweetest thing a girl has ever done for you?

What questions are you dying to ask? Let us know in the comment box below! And check what He Said are his biggest questions for all us gals. Head on over to COED if you dare!

Tuffy Luv Throws Up
Tuffy Luv Throws Up
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