10 Disasters That Will Happen If Madonna Performs At The Super Bowl

Word on the street is that Madonna will be gracing us all with her biceps at the half time show of this year’s Super Bowl. Please contain your excitement.

Entertainment Weekly reports that this buzzed-about performance would coincide with her first single release from her upcoming album, due for release spring 2012.

I’ll just go out and say what we’re all thinking here (like always…sigh), much like the year 2012- Madonna at the half time show would be apocalyptic. Not only could she rip apart both teams with one of her hulk-hands but also there would be endless advertisements for her & Lourdes’ Material Girl brand: yikes!

If the visual I’ve just provided does not frighten you enough, please enjoy these 10 hypothetical horrors that will occur if this rumor comes to fruition:

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