Ask a Roommate: Boys and a Shared Room

Boys can effectively come between the best of friends causing mass fallout, so what happens when the guy gripe occurs between roommates? So the roomie brings dudes back with increasing regularity come the chillier months. You go to sleep to the sounds of their man grunts. You wake up to see their boxers on your floor. One even asked to borrow your toothpaste! Come on!!
Your room, which should be a safe zone of zen goodness, has suddenly become something between a Motel 6 and a full-on brothel. Clearly you’re not cool with this new situation and the roommate (that bitch!) needs to know! So what’s a gal to do? Ask Marysa, that’s what. See what she has to say below…

Candy Dish: We Love Tiffany's
Candy Dish: We Love Tiffany's
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