Celebrity Chic on the Cheap: Sarah Jessica Parker is Simply Chic

I respect Sarah Jessica Parker a lot, both as an actress and a fashionista. As an actress because, somehow, her charisma and charm made Carrie Bradshaw – an intrinsically unlikeable character – the icon for a generation. Even though the show has been off the air for seven years, and the movies haven’t done anything to improve Sex and the City‘s legacy, women still proudly identify as being a “Carrie,” even though Carrie is kind of ridiculously self-centered and emotionally immature (Mr. Big over Aidan? Really?!). Of course I also have to respect SJP as a fashionista, because she is fearless, not afraid to mix different patterns, and is willing to embrace any aesthetic. She’s always fun to watch, and I love that in a fashionista.

black jacket – Charlotte Russe, $42.99//black pants – NY&Co, $42.95//white kitten heels – Endless, $22.95//white tank – Express, $14.99//black tank – Old Navy, $8.00//blue statement bag – Zappos, $28.00

This outfit consists of a lot of versatile basics, which I think is always a good, solid look. A black coat with a black tank layered under a white tank is striking, but simple. Combined with some pants that have subtle leather finishes, this becomes a sleek and polished look. White kitten heels are a cute and functional shoe choice (though if you’re like me, you would probably recreate this with heels at least twice as high, or perhaps a more vibrant color). SJP chose a dark blue statement bag, which is an interesting choice, and a lot less predictable than a black or white bag. This is a perfect low-maintenance aesthetic that still looks well thought out and put together.

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