Web Spy: Readfa.st

As college students, we spend hours on reading assignments every week (or at least we’re assigned hours of reading). With all that reading, it’s hard to find time for much else! It’s hard to have to choose between studying hard and having fun. I hate to admit it, but I choose the fun option more frequently than I should — and I know I’m not the only one.

If only you could get your reading done faster and still have time to have fun! Well, with Readfa.st, you can.

Readfa.st teaches you to read faster, but unlike some types of speed reading, which teach you to how to skim, Readfa.st teaches you to actually read faster and still comprehend what you read — meaning you can get all your reading done and still remember what you read when it comes time for the test.

Here’s how it works: pull up an article you want to read in your internet browser and click on the bookmarklet that you download to your browser toolbar. Readfa.st then scrolls the text across the screen, one line at a time. Readfa.st keeps track of how fast you should be reading and keeps you at that pace for the entire article. If the text you want to read isn’t online, you can also copy and paste text directly into Readfa.st.

As with any talent, learning to read faster takes time and practice, so by constantly challenging yourself by forcing you to read faster, your brain will learn to read faster naturally.

And best of all, Readfa.st is completely free to use. Soon, you’ll be finishing your reading assignments faster, leaving you with more free time!

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