Would You Date a Sperm Donor?


Would you date a guy who had 70 kids?  Me neither. What if he had 70 kids not because he was promiscuous, but because he was a sperm donor? I still don’t think I could.

On a new show on the Style Network called Sperm Donor, a guy named Ben tells his fiancé he has about 70 kids as a result of being a sperm donor. Now, I get why someone would be a sperm donor; he would make a lot of money, but how could you do it that much? It would freak me out knowing that I have 70 kids running around whom I have never met before. So it would REALLY freak me out to date someone with 70 kids running around.

What if once we got married I had kids with him, and then that kid happened to meet and fall in love with one of their half-siblings? Even if they didn’t know they were sleeping with a sibling, it’s still super gross.

Although I don’t want kids, I think that if I were to have kids with someone, I would want it to be special for the both of us. If we both know he has 70 other kids on the planet, where’s the special-ness in having our own little bundle of joy?

What do you think? Would you date a sperm donor?

Jessica Zaleski is an entertainment and pop culture addict. She'll watch anything on TV and her day is made when there is a huge celeb scandal (That day when TomKat announced their divorce AND Adele announced she was pregnant was better than Jessica's birthday to her). Her favorite food is sandwiches, and cheese is a close second. She graduated from the University of Florida in 2012 and is currently living and working in New York City.