Would You Date a Sperm Donor?

Would you date a guy who had 70 kids?  Me neither. What if he had 70 kids not because he was promiscuous, but because he was a sperm donor? I still don’t think I could.

On a new show on the Style Network called Sperm Donor, a guy named Ben tells his fiancé he has about 70 kids as a result of being a sperm donor. Now, I get why someone would be a sperm donor; he would make a lot of money, but how could you do it that much? It would freak me out knowing that I have 70 kids running around whom I have never met before. So it would REALLY freak me out to date someone with 70 kids running around.

What if once we got married I had kids with him, and then that kid happened to meet and fall in love with one of their half-siblings? Even if they didn’t know they were sleeping with a sibling, it’s still super gross.

Although I don’t want kids, I think that if I were to have kids with someone, I would want it to be special for the both of us. If we both know he has 70 other kids on the planet, where’s the special-ness in having our own little bundle of joy?

What do you think? Would you date a sperm donor?

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