Baggin' Out: Old Navy Shoulder Bag

Today I broke a purse. I filled up my usual school purse with textbooks, a snack, my pencil case, etc. and set out to take an exam. After my exam, I hopped in my car and headed home. Once at my house, I went to reach for my purse and BAM! One strap totally broke off. I awkwardly carried my belongings into my house and then mourned the loss of my favorite bag for class. I needed to find a replacement stat and may have found one in the Old Navy Shoulder Bag (definitely not getting points for originality Old Navy).

Old Navy has really stepped up their game in the past few years. They’ve transformed themselves from an athletic wear hub to a really fashionable place to shop! Old Navy keeps up on trends and I’ve particularly noticed a big push in their accessory department to stay on top. The Shoulder Bag is following right on the fall trends with the buckle detail and clasp-closure pocket.

It’s made of faux leather and measures 13’L x 15’H x 5’D, so it will be the perfect home for textbooks, your wallet and other daily necessities. In addition to the front pocket, which is ideal for a cell phone and lip products, there is also a slip pocket on the inside. There is no top zipper, but the bag is fairly deep and has a magentic closure, so you should be safe from pick-pockets.

Another great feature, and one of my personal faves, are the two carrying options. If your shoulders get sore or you need to be hands free for a while, you can sling the crossbody strap over your torso. The bag will sit comfortably at your hip so everything will still be in reach.

I prefer the tobacco brown shade, but if you are in need of a basic black tote, consider this your lucky day! Old Navy also produces this bag in black, using a complementary silver hardware instead of gold.
If you’re looking for a great tote for school or the office that won’t break the bank, consider the Old Navy Shoulder Bag for a thrifty $39.94!

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