Former Boy Band Members Embarrassing Themselves

Sadly, some of our favorite childhood boy band studs…that we fawned over and fantasized about marrying…have fallen from grace. We know not everyone is Justin Timberlake (or Trousersnake as Amanda Seyfried calls him) and therefore can’t transition out of the boy band life. He managed to become a successful actor, hilarious host of SNL and bring sexy back at the same time. Few others have done as well as JT, which is pretty depressing. I mean, we hoped these Bieber forefathers would stick around until we were old enough to be with them. But, that dream is gone.
Case-in-point: Lance Bass created a boy band called Heart2Heart that has just released a video for their song Facebook Official. Yeah, it’s not a joke. I sincerely hoped it was. Our favorite boy band members are just embarrassing themselves all over the place…

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