How To Communicate Without Your Phone

In light of the recent Blackberry outages, which just so happened to coincide with the day before the iPhone 4S was released (conspiracy alert!), it’s come to our attention that we are obsessed with our phones. We can’t go five minutes without checking our phones to see if we have texts, emails, tweets, or Facebook messages. It’s getting ridiculous. During Blackberry-gate, my friends who couldn’t use their BBM service were going berserk. Thankfully, I have an iPhone so I wasn’t affected (it sounds like some kind of plague doesn’t it?).

It got me thinking about what I would do if it happened to me. Could I go all day without being in touch with anyone? Probably not. And I know it’s not just me. Us college kids are bombarded with constant communication so we freak out when we don’t have access to it. Hopefully, there won’t be anymore outages, but just in case I’ve rounded up some ways for you to communicate sans phone:
1. Post-It Notes: You can always leave a post-it on your friend’s car or outside their class to meet you for lunch. Granted, someone else could see it and meet you there too, but you’re without a phone so that’s a risk you’ll have to take.
2. Snail Mail: While it’s not the most efficient form of communication, handwritten letters are pretty awesome. I think you should write letters to people on a regular basis. Think about how excited you are when you get something in the real mail! However, don’t do this if there is a dire issue.
3. Smoke Signals: This can be dangerous since it involves fire, so be careful. Typically smoke signals are used to communicate long distance. So if you’re in a long distance relationship or have friends far away, this is perfect for you! Just make a fire and use a wet blanket to place over it which will create smoke. You can make different kinds of smoke puffs and everything!
4. Morse Code: First you’ll need to learn how to do morse code, and then you’ll have to teach all of your friends. You’ll also need a way to transmit the message like an electrical telegraph system. Or a flashlight, but that’s for nighttime communication. You can even do morse code by tapping with a pen on your desk for in class messaging.
5. Carrier Pigeons: You’ll obviously need to find a pigeon and then train it to become a carrier pigeon. They typically fly one way so your friend would keep your pigeon at their house and vice versa. If you think about it, this is kind of like Twitter because there are birds involved. And they can carry about 2.5 oz, so small packages could be transported too!
Communication is awesome, and we definitely need it in today’s society. The Blackberry outage can teach us something, though. Maybe we don’t need to be sleeping with our phones, taking them to the bathroom with us, or having them in our hands at all times. An email can wait a little while for a response. Text messages don’t need a reply at that very second. You need relationships with people, not your phone.

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