Meet Caitlin: Your New Weekend Editor

Well hey there! You may recognize me from CC Beauty Live, but now I’m also going to be your new weekend editor here at CollegeCandy! I’m really pumped about this, and I hope you are too. We’re going to have tons of weekend fun, so get ready. There’s a lot more to me than make up and hair, and I want you all to get to know me a little better.
I’m a double major in Broadcast News and English at the University of Alabama (Roll Tide!). I’m an AOII. I write short story fairy tales. I love all things Harry Potter. I have an extremely irrational phobia of fish. They really freak me out. Other animals, yes please. Fish, no. I have four dogs and a demonic cat that live at home with my family in Atlanta. I’m not your typical Southerner though as my whole family is from New York, but don’t you dare take away my sweet tea, grits, or football. Or coffee, I can’t function without it.
Weekends are going to be awesome, but I’m going to need your help! I need some eyes out there for breaking stories and other happenings so I need you to tweet me @caitlincorsetti if you see anything interesting.

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