In Our Makeup Bag: Clarins Rouge Prodige Lipstick

What It Is:
Clarins Rouge Prodige True Color and Shine Lipstick in Rosy Coral and Peach Sorbet

Why This Should Be in Your Bag:
Lipstick and lipgloss are the bare necessities of everyone’s makeup stash. Every brand makes a million lip products, in just as many shades, finishes, etc, making it difficult to sort through and find the quality ones!
Clarins is a great, yet underrated brand that puts out amazing stuff. Not only do they pay attention to packaging and design, but the product inside always matches the beautiful exterior. Clarins has a huge range of colors in this formula, two of which I’ve taken for a test drive here.
How To Use It:
These lipsticks are super moisturizing and creamy. This means that you’ll want to exfoliate your lips before wearing; any creamy lip products will cling to dead skin (yes, gross). After exfoliating with a lip scrub or plain old sugar, you’ll want to apply these straight from the tube. They are very thick and need the heat of your lips to warm them up! Be careful – if you roll the tube up too high, you risk breaking off the lipstick, as you do have to use quite a bit of pressure.

(Top: Rosy Coral, Bottom: Peach Sorbet)

CC Rating: A-

I really love these Clarins lipsticks. The colors are great on my pale, cool skin, even Peach Sorbet, which scared me in the tube. The formula is unbelievably creamy and glides on super smooth. The finish is quite opaque and long-wearing, which I love as a student. I can swipe these on in the morning and not worry about reapplying until after lunch. The glossiness of these lippies is also very flattering and youthful.
It’s funny, because after I finished writing all that, I went to check out the Clarins website for a photo of this lipstick. Clarins says that “colour and shine stay true for hours while this creamy, rich texture provides nourishing skin care benefits to lips.” Wow – that’s pretty much a shorter version of what I said above! I’m impressed that this lipstick actually delivered on all of its promises without me even knowing what those promises are!
I don’t like how much these accentuate dry spots on your lips. You really need to remember to exfoliate your lips before use or else you can end up with a flaky disaster. However, I try to be pretty vigilant about my lip exfoliating. I like to fit it into my night-time routine, exfoliating right after brushing my teeth every second or third night. You don’t need a fancy lip scrub either; regular sugar works great, just make sure to wet your lips beforehand.
If you’re looking for a super creamy lipstick for the cold weather that’s coming, Clarins Rouge Prodige is the perfect formulation. It’s available at their website for $24 a tube!
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