Sex in the News: Lesbian Couple Takes a Seat

There were so many things this week I could have written about. Anti-choice groups are increasing efforts to make accessing abortions more difficult without being illegal. A Senegalese organization is getting villages to agree to stop the practice of female genital mutilation.  But when I read about an elderly lesbian couple that staged a sit-in after being denied a marriage license in North Carolina, my topic was picked.
Coming across the We Do Campaign video, in which non-heterosexual couples go to apply for marriage licenses in North Carolina, a state in which gay marriage has not been legalized broke my heart. Writing about the divide in belief about same-sex marriage last week, brought up the point that there in some parts of the United States there isn’t a lot of support for legalization. Currently NC is waiting until May to vote on a proposed constitutional amendment that could ban both gay marriages and civil unions.
On the final day of the 10-day We Do campaign, two of the first women to apply for the license returned to the Registry of Deeds in Asheville and staged a sit in. The two were arrested after they refused to leave without obtaining a license. Rev. Kathryn Cartledge and Elizabeth Eve have been together for 30 years. Yes, count that, 30 years. In 2007, the New York Times reported over half of marriages end in divorce before the couple hits 25 years.
This weekend I’ll be raising my glass to Kathryn and Elizabeth because 30 years in any relationship is an accomplishment, and that’s not even considering the extra pressures a lesbian couple would have endured over the years. Their actions, and the act of application by 20 other couples, is an attempt to make it possible for young LGBTQ individuals to grow up without the constant reminder that they will never be given the same rights, and essentially considered equal, to someone that is heterosexual.

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