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Vote for the Most Influential Women in the World [Prizes from Rent the Runway!]


So here around the CollegeCandy offices, we ask a lot of questions. Do we shower before or after we play basketball? Why do babies always cry when they get haircuts? Why are emo dogs just so dang cute? But the toughest was when we tried to figure out who the most influential women alive were. You see, it’s more complicated than you think. Take Most Influential Funny Woman, for example. It’s not a question of who’s the funniest (easy: me), but of whose brand of humor has had the most influence on other funny ladies, pop culture and society as a whole. See? I told you, this is tough stuff!

So that’s why we’re asking for your help…and offering prizes courtesy of Rent the Runway to everyone who gives us their opinion.

Wondering how it works? Easy! Vote in our Most Influential Women in the World poll, give a real email address and you’ll be entered in the running. One randomly selected survey taker will win a $100 gift card to Rent the Runway, someone else will get a $50 gift card to Rent the Runway and everyone else will receive 15% off* when they shop at Rent the Runway and use the code RTRSURVEY.

Contest ends at 11:59 on 10/28 . Click here for all the official rules and legal mumbo-jumbo.

(*Offer valid on rental orders over $50. Offer expires 10/23/11 at 11:59 EST and is not eligible on existing or previously placed orders.)

For a quick rundown of the categories:

Businesswoman: How many times a day do you use your Apple products? How often do you wonder what someone looks like and you think, “Oh, I’ll just check Facebook?” Does or doesn’t the name Martha Stewart stand for everything perfectly coordinated and homemade? These are the questions to weigh when you’re casting your vote.

Fiction Authors: We’re not talking mind-blowing literature here. Which of these ladies’ books had you calling up your friends at 2AM and tweeting “OMG” when you finished that last page?

Politicians: Whether she’s setting trends or pushing bills, one of these women has definitely had sway over the political world…and the world beyond politics.

Celebrity Child: They’re small, sassy and have a life you likely lust after. So which of these kids is raising the bar that measures all the rest?

TV Personality: Are you striving to be a fab housewife who lives and dies for Skinny Girl margies, a wild and cutting edge fashionista or a wanna-be journalist who looks up to some of these savvy ladies? Regardless, there’s no doubt one of these women has had influence over your life.

Fashionista: When it comes to flaunting the latest fashions right off the runway, these women have it covered. Now tell us which one you think has the most innovative and influential taste of all.

Athletes: They’ve got the talent, the bodies and the lifestyles we all wish for. But which of these sporty ladies would have you motivated to actually hit the gym, buy their branded items and strive to be your athletic best?

Legends: They’ve got it all. The style, the talent, the dream careers, the devoted fans, the celebrity lifestyles…but does it mean more to have been in the game for years like Madonna or to have had the wild shorter-term success of Beyonce?

Activists: When these women’s primary goal is to get you to support their cause, it goes without saying that they’ve got to be super influential. But whose organizations and efforts have had the most impact on your life and society?

Actresses: As Oscar winners and silver screen goddesses, today’s actresses grace the pages of fashion mags, tabloids and blogs (like CC!). It’s hard to determine who has the most influence over our tastes and habits at any given moment. Natalie Portman has made it cool to be quirky, but Sandra Bullock is the queen of the romantic comedy. Our minds are in a scramble over this one, but that’s why we’re asking you for your opinion!

Performers Turned Commercial Stars: Companies rely on a special, hand-selected few to get their products sold to the masses. Notice you’re downing Activia yogurt lately or remembering to take your Boniva? Well, see which one of these women you have to thank the most!

Tweeters: Anyone would guess that Lady Gaga and Kim Kardashian are among the Twitter bigshots. But who would have thought Shakira makes it into the top 5 most followed tweeters, with over 9.3 million followers?

Models: Kate Moss made scary-skinny all the rage, Tyra taught the world to “smize” and Heidi Klum is still strutting her stuff for Victoria’s Secret. Good luck helping us in this category!

Royalty: Your obvious pick might be Kate Middleton, but don’t forget about her Queen grandmother-in-law or Princesses Beatrice and Eugine’s wild hat collection that had us all talking!

Now go, get started, tell us who you think are the Most Influential Women in the World!

After you vote, click on the photo to check out Rent the Runway!