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50 Ways to Define Facebook Stalking, According to You


A little while ago, we conducted The Most Epic Facebook Survey Ever. We asked you guys about everything from how annoying sonogram photos in your newsfeed are, to how many of you have broken up with someone simply by changing your status. We also asked you about Facebook stalking (don’t act like you’ve never done it). If you took the survey, you’ll know that we asked you to define Facebook stalking.

And you guys gave us weird, creepy, hilarious and wacky answers. We learned that some of you are really weird and will probably be arrested soon if you continue your stalking ways, and we learned that some of you are practically undercover detectives when it comes to finding info on your crushes and exes.

Here are 50 ways you guys defined Facebook stalking.

1.  Some call it stalking, I call it L O V E. Enough said.

2.  Brute forcing someone’s password to friend request yourself and monitor their chats.

3. “Facebook Stalking” is like rape, without actually committing a crime. You stalk your prey and watch their every move. However, they can’t know you’re doing it.

4. Sending creepy messages, viewing someones page more than once every few days, looking at EVERY pic and status update.

5. Tracking someone who won’t friend you to try and find out what they are doing. Also, scoping out your friends’ friends based on their profile pic.

6.  The art of checking out girls through impressive internet means.

7.  Find out info about ppl you dont know to later stalk them in real life, For example with a fake facebook profile.

8.  Someone checks where and what someones doin so they can meet up with them “by accident”or just watch them from a distance.

9.  Sitting around searching for people at random and ogling at photos of people you’re never going to meet.

10.  Following your “check-ins” to find you.

11.  When someone looks at someone’s profile every second of the day every day, or likes their every photo and status, or comments.

12. Repeatedly checking someone’s profile that you most likely barely know because you have an unhealthy obsession with their life.

13. Facebook stalking is when you check someone’s page every day to see if they updated their status, google song lyrics they’re using as their status, going through all of their pics, etc.  Also known as creeping.

14. Looking for hot chicks and seeing if their profile is set to private or not.

15. Creeping someone’s page to find out things about them, to see what their doing, to see who’s wall they write on, and to see who writes on theirs.

16. Creeping until you feel like you know the person, their likes and dislikes, their friends, and entire family tree.

17.  Scoping out the profiles of exes and/or people you don’t have as friends.

18.  Looking at people you used to like or be in a relationship with, because you are crazy and delusional.

19. Constantly refreshing their profile to check on their every status and liking every one of their pictures.

20. The act of religiously checking someone else’s facebook. Whether it’s your friend, boyfriend, enemy, etc.

21.  It’s not stalking, it’s window shopping.

22.  There’s no difference between “To Catch a Predator” and facebook stalking.  Same thing except fewer chatrooms and more pokes.

23. Using Facebook to track the online activity of friends, significant others, exes, friends of exes, bosses, coworkers, general enemies, etc.

24. There’s a difference between creeping and stalking. Stalking is when they know.

25. Checked out a cute guy’s facebook. Two hours later, you’re looking at the pictures of his high school friend’s cousin’s girlfriend’s friend and not knowing how you got there.

26. When somebody who doesn’t speak to you follows your updates on a day to day basis.

27. Facebook stalking is more acceptable than not having facebook at all. You do the math.

28. Setting up mobile alerts for the persons messages, also having direct link to their page on your bookmarks or favorites.

29. Creeping on his second cousins best friend’s wedding pictures to see how he looks in semi formal wear!

30. Seeing a girl randomly on the street or in class then proceeding to look her name up in the student directory…like a boss!!!!

31. Thinking their life is your life and or thinking you can’t live without them.

32. My sole relationship with several men, characterized by a constant need for checking his wall, relationships, etc.

33.  Being in everyone’s business on the slick.

34.  Liking the status of all the girls who don’t fucking know you.

35.  21+ guys adding friends’ sisters as friends on Facebook, then proceeding to cyber sex with them.

36. Just casually checking out someone’s facebook profile like, 20 times an hour.

37. The secret act of going through someones entire profile.  Seeing where they work, what languages they speak, that they like Fight Club. Then spending the next 30 mins going through their 177 photos from the “Cancun Vaca” album.

38.  Facebook stalking is what makes Facebook worthwhile.

39.  Non-stop Poking!

40.  Highly Addictive.

41.  The slightly less awesome version of back-stalking which is looking at someone’s pics backwards to see how fat they’ve gotten since high school. Or even more fun, back-stalking yourself.

42. Look up a person constantly, looking through all their pictures and wall posts. Basically what it was created for.

43.  Research.

44.  How do you NOT stalk someone on FB? FB is the very definition of stalking.

45.  It’s a Necessary Evil !!!!

46.  No such thing 😉

47.  Clicking a link to a friend’s page casually-  leading to 4 hours of intense research on all of their friends and friends-of-friends.

48. Browsing people’s profiles that you don’t really know just because you can.

49.  An activity that’s done in secrecy, although everyone knows everyone does it. Also known as “Facebook creeping”. Basically, you choose your target wisely.

50. Where one creeps the shit out of another person while online and the person being creeped on doesn’t know about it.