Baggin' Out: Out of Print Book Bag

Lately, I’ve found myself using canvas tote bags a lot. When I can’t fit all my textbooks, notebooks or other awkwardly-shaped junk into my gorgeous purses, I opt for a tote. Most of mine are quite boring and were free at various conferences or academic events, so I wanted one that I wouldn’t be slightly embarrassed to be carrying. And I found it in the Out of Print Book Bag!

Out of Print is a company that makes books fashionable. Seriously – they print old book covers onto just about any item of clothing! If you have a fave classic novel, I guarantee you can find a tee with a print of it in this shop. As this is a bag column, I’ll speak about the tote, but if you’re a book worm like me, you’re definitely going to want to check out the whole store!

Currently available are totes featuring A Clockwork Orange, Pride and Prejudice, The Great Gatsby, Animal Farm and Moby Dick. My fave is A Clockwork Orange featuring the original 1972 artwork! That and The Great Gatsby one are so visually stunning and eye-catching; perfect for the girl who likes to carry conversation pieces. The entire bag is screen-printed with the cover art and I think it looks magnificent!

They each measure 13.5′ L X 14′ H and have 10′ straps made of durable, woven canvas. The totes have a flat bottom, which gives the bag sturdiness and also allows you to pack it a bit more full than the average tote. A nice bonus is the inner slip pocket, where you can put a lipgloss and cell phone for easy access. I think these tote bags are so cute, I would absolutely consider wearing one out and about, as a purse. These totes are the perfect marriage of beauty and brains. Paired with a stylish outfit (even a good fitting pair of jeans and a tee), they add another element to your outfit that’s a bit more academic.
If you’re a bibliophile, or just love vintage artwork, check out the Book Bags from Out of Print. They are a cheap $18 and will definitely make a statement.

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